35 Perfect Graduation Nail Design 2019

35 Perfect Graduation Nail Design 2019 #Design #Graduation #graduationnails #Nail #perfect

Time flies so fast and we now predict the arrival of the spring season. The runways in spring and summer 2012 have meant that we want winter to end sooner. For nails it is about delicate patterns and fun twists to old and classic designs. Here is a little preview of spring nail trends.


1. Manicure with monotone print

Black and white print manicure gives a subtle but elegant look to the nails. The most important element in making this kind of nail art is to just stick to one color and then create different patterns with it. If you are already adept at creating beautiful designs with your dot tools and nail art brushes, you can definitely do it. For beginners, however, you can choose a pattern of patterns that you can place on your nails. The great thing about this type of manicure is that the design options are endless. If you want to stick to colors, go for soft pink nude images and peaches. Remember to top it all off with a top coat so everything lights up.

2. Reverse French manicure

This nail design became popular during 30 and 40 and 40 and now it is back in full swing. The reverse French manicure or crescent manicure can look daunting, but trust me, they are pretty easy to do. All you have to do is apply a base color first and then let it dry completely. Then take a paper reinforcement sticker and place it at the base of the nail (make adjustments if you want a thicker or thinner crescent shape). If the adhesive side is too sticky, try removing the excess glue by first patting it on the skin. Once you've added the sticker, apply the next color. Remove the sticker and let it dry. Seal everything with a good top coat.

3. Chartreuse Nails

Chartreuse is a color that is really interesting. It is a greenish yellow (or yellowish green, depending on how you see the color) hue which is definitely described as a perfect spring / summer color as it gives a warm vibe. Depending on the paint, this color may vary depending on how light hits it.

4. Two tinted colors

If you are in bold and vibrant colors, this retro-ish nail design is designed for you. Two tinted colors are really easy to do. Replace your usual French nail colors with bold and contrasting shades such as blue and orange, purple and yellow and so on. You will definitely have beautiful nails when you go to a club with your friends.

5. Ombre Manicure

The ombre trend has taken the nail world by storm and many people are now enjoying the gradient effect on their nails. This is done with a really simple procedure. First, apply a base color to the nail. Then, apply a makeup and dip it in a lighter or darker shade (whichever you prefer). Stick it from the center of the nail to the tip. For the next step, you can either use the same shade again or choose a darker color. Stick it at the edge of the nail to create a gradient effect. For glamorous nails you can apply a layer of glitter powder on the tips. Seal it with top coat and you are completely done.

These trends will definitely make you long for the warmer seasons. Better fill light and bubbling shades and you will have a smooth sailing season.