55+ Trendy Manicure Ideas in Autumn Nail Colors; Purple Nails; Manicure; Autumn Nai

55+ Trendy Manicure Ideas in Autumn Nail Colors; Purple Nails; Manicure; Autumn Nai – #Fall #im # Purple # Manicure # ManicureIdeas

Gel nails are fun, simple and can be very exciting. If you have never had a gel nail manicure, you should go out and get one right now. Find a good nail technician in your area and tell them that this is your first gel nail manicure and that you want something simple (or be exciting with glitter and art!) If you were so inclined you would ask them to show you some of their different works , if they don't have any pictures for you, don't worry, they should be able to explain in detail how they can create for you and show you what would be best for what you are trying to achieve. Not all nail artists have a portfolio, but those who do it will blow you away with some of the beautiful artwork they can create at the ends of your fingertips.

If this is your first time getting a gel nail manicure and you are not sure if you want to go completely extreme with glitter and attention to nail polish, you can always go with a base color in a color or a French manicure which I think looks absolutely beautiful out with UV gels. Make sure you choose a nail length that you are completely comfortable with, otherwise you may feel a little self-conscious by having nails that are too long or just not "you".

A good feature of gels that are not too common with other false nail enhancements is that you can use tips for your gel nails until your natural nail grows to the desired length. Once your natural nail has grown to that point, you will then have long strong natural nails that are simply enhanced and enhanced by UV-cured gels. Although gels can be more difficult and time-consuming to remove than acrylic, you need not worry about them being permanently attached to your nails forever as they can be removed in about 30 minutes with acetone or a special gel remover. However, why you would ever want to remove your nails is an absolute mystery to me, because with your ability to have thin flexible beautiful stronger nails is just amazing.

One tip to remember if you apply your own gel nails is to make sure you wipe the nail with an acetone plate right before applying the gel. The acetone helps to remove natural oils from the nail and when the acetone has evaporated, the gel nails will attach much easier and for a longer time, if you do not remove your natural nail oils.