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Ringworm can strike at any time. Although it is common in summer and decreases in winter, you can actually get infected very easily. You can catch it by taking public transport, in the common shower at the gym you often, on the beach, when swimming in the pool, or from the clothes you bought in the thrift store or borrowed from an acquaintance. There is a stigma associated with fungal infections, especially as it is highly contagious. But treating it is actually very easy if you know how.

Ringworm in humans lives on skin, hair and nails. It is caused by Dermatophyte, a fungus that lives on the keratin in the epidermis. The problem can cause round rashes with red edges and healthy skin in the middle. It can also lead to bare patches, nails that melt and fall off, athlete and foot ball.

There are several treatments for ringworm in humans. These are usually non-prescription treatments that should be used for two to four weeks. Others, like those who require prescriptions, have shorter treatment cycles. In this case, the prescribing physician would indicate how often and for how long it should be used. These instructions must be followed precisely to ensure that the treatment removes ringworm in humans and to prevent side effects and allergic reactions. If something unusual happens, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

One of the stronger chemicals used in ringworm creams is Clotrimazole with Betamethasone. These substances are found in the product Lotrisone. The first chemical has anti-fungal properties, while the second has anti-inflammatory properties. This means that the former will address the cause of the infection while the latter will remove the symptoms. It is not intended for long-term use as it is stronger than most. You must follow the doctor's prescription exactly when using this cream.

Some non-counter products, such as Ketoconazole, are also strong and should only be used once a day. This is found in products such as Ketoderm, Xelogel, Extina, Nizoral and Nizoral AD. It can cause side effects in some people such as itching and rash. It can also cause allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Most consumer suppression products can be applied twice a day to remove ringworm in humans:

• Terbinafine is a common substance used in Lamisil, Lamisil AT and Lamisil Dermgel. It can create side effects from burning, irritation and redness to more severe ones such as swelling and blisters.
• Clotrimazole is used in Lotrimin and Mycelex. It can cause side effects such as redness, a burning sensation, itching, peeling or swelling.
• Miconazole is available in Decocort, Daktarin, Desenex, Micatin and Monistat-Derm. Its side effects are increased burning, itching or skin irritation.

The anti-fungal creams should be used correctly so that they come into effect. The infected area should be thoroughly washed and dried before ringworm cream is applied. The same should be done with your hands. This prevents the chemicals from being contaminated by dirt or diluted with water.

A thin layer of the cream must be spread over the infected area and its surroundings. This prevents the rash from growing. In addition, the apparently healthy skin may already have the roots of the fungus.

After application, allow the cream to be absorbed into the skin until it is dry. Most would recommend covering the infection with a bandage to prevent fungal spores from getting on clothes and bedding and spreading ringworm to other people. Before you cover the infection, make sure the cream has been absorbed. In addition to local treatments, some serious cases with nails and scalp may require oral medication. Anti-fungal soap can also help.